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Elite Medical Experts aligns university physicians and surgeons for litigation and consulting. Each specialist is a Professor of Medicine or Surgery at a leading university with a full-time practice, Board-Certification, and spotless credentials. Rather than a preset list, we hand select candidates based on any requirement or preference. This allows our clients to screen cases, develop action plans, and proceed with nationally respected subject matter authorities. With complete transparency and actionable advice, Elite solves challenges so that our clients win.

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Team Members


Dr. Burton Bentley II

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Burton Bentley II is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician and a nationally recognized authority on medical liability, informed consent, and complex issues at the intersections of Medicine, Business & Law. He earned his medical degree at the University of Arizona, completed a residency in Emergency Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin, and practiced Emergency Medicine full-time for 21 years before stepping out in 2015 to pursue a novel medical device that he developed and patented. His device was acquired by Centurion Medical in 2016, and Dr. Bentley now devotes all of his energy to Elite Medical Experts, a consulting firm he founded in 2010. Elite aligns Professors of Medicine and Surgery as experts in complex litigation and serves over 3500 clients across the United States and internationally.

In addition to working with countless law firms, governmental entities, and insurance companies, Dr. Bentley consults strategically on informed consent, risk mitigation, and crisis management at the clinical practice level. More recently, Dr. Bentley co-founded Consent Spectrum, a digital platform to optimize informed consent for nearly every aesthetic medical procedure. In 2020, Consent Spectrum joined with Touch MD to bring state-of-the-art informed consent to aesthetic dermatology and plastic surgery practices nationwide.

When he’s not focused on medicolegal issues, Dr. Bentley enjoys cooking, spending time with his family, and riding his horse in the sandy riverbeds of southern Arizona.