Gavelytics provides actionable data that helps litigators win more motions, win more cases and win more business. Its proprietary analysis reveals behaviors and tendencies of judges, law firms, and litigators. Gavelytics was built by litigators for litigators, providing the best in state court litigation analytics. Get the insights only available to users of the platform, get Gavelytics 2.0 today!  For more information, please visit

Gavelytics empowers litigators to make better decisions based on industry-leading data, not guesswork with its state court litigation analytics.

Gavelytics 2.0 provides:
  • AI-powered analysis and data on judge, law firm, lawyer and litigant behaviors
  • A massive, easy-to-use, proprietary database of litigation documents, including millions of briefs.
How it works:

Gavelytics 2.0 analyzes tens of millions of litigation documents and applies machine learning and human lawyer review to provide actionable insights on all litigation participants. Data is quickly accessible and easily understandable.

Why Gavelytics 2.0:

Gavelytics 2.0’s proprietary analysis delivers insights that inform and empower litigators and law firms to:

  • Find what experience a judge has on particular types of cases or with particular parties and write briefs customized to the language the judge finds persuasive
  • Make decisions on judge disqualification filings or adjust settlement posture based on anticipated rulings
  • Keep clients better apprised of potential motion and case outcomes and win new clients showcasing expertise, local knowledge and foresight
  • See what law firms a prospective client used in the past and check their competence and jurisdictions
  • Check the quality and competence of litigators and their law firms
  • Search through dockets, rulings and briefs to further enhance legal research

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