Macro-Pro, Inc.

National Full Service Document Retrieval Service

Macro-Pro is the most respected and most successful document retrieval service company because of one big difference…SERVICE. From order to completion, Macro-Pro is faster, more cost-effective and more responsive. We have been providing this exceptional service year-after-year for over 33 years.  Our procedures and infrastructures are mature and able to quickly accommodate your needs.  You can expect us to consistently and reliably deliver what we promise.

Get More Evidence to win your case or reduce your claim. We know your time is important. As your partner, we provide tools and support to save you time and money throughout the life of your case.


Company Background

The claim and case process offers major opportunities to produce cost and time savings that will affect your bottom line. The first is reducing the amount of time it takes to obtain evidence. The second is obtaining all the evidence you need. The third is reducing the amount of time your staff spends to accept or deny a claim or the amount of time and money your firm spends on defending your interests. Macro-Pro’s services are designed to help you maximize these opportunities.

Our team will competently prepare and serve any State Civil, Federal, Workers’ Compensation and Longshore subpoenas and signed authorizations. We obtain records from all over the world.  Our employees are professional with an average industry experience of eight years and officers and managers of over 22 years.

Document delivery can be accomplished via: paper, CD, USB, encrypted on-line download and secure file transfer (SFTP) directly to the client’s server.

Macro-Pro also offers our clients paralegal services to facilitate procuring records out of the state/jurisdiction where the case is filed as well as licensed nurses to create professional and succinct medical records summaries.

Macro-Pro is a certified WBE (Woman-Owned Business Enterprise).

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