MKC Medical Management

For over 20 years, MKC Medical Management has been an industry leader nationally, providing attorneys and claims adjusters with across-the-board medical review and analysis for difficult cases and claims of all sizes and types.

Seamless & Accessible

Our company is open 24/7. Contact one of us and you’ve accessed all of us. We’re a coordinated team. So no matter what the issue or question, we have the resources in place to respond to you quickly, accurately and confidently.

Respected Experts

Our team is comprised of highly-credentialed professionals who understand the complexities of medical claims — litigated and non-litigated.

Industry Leaders in Analysis & Reports

Our reports are customized with unique formats that make finding and understanding critical pieces of information easy.

The truth of an injury claim often hinges on highly technical medical facts and analyses. Winning means using experts with proven, first-hand medical knowledge, perspective, training, and experience.

Services: Medical Legal Services; Medical Claims Oversight; Life Care Planning & Medical Needs Assessments; Medical & Chiropractic Desk Reviews; Field/Telephonic Case Management

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Team Members

Keri Williamson of MKC Medical Management - The Skyline Group

Kari Williamson, BS, RN, LNCC, CCM

Owner & Chief Executive

Kari Williamson is the owner and chief executive of MKC Medical Management, a leading legal nurse consulting company, helping lawyers and claims examiners throughout the U.S. with complex, high-exposure litigation, claims and other, difficult medical-legal case management issues for over 20 years.

Before founding MKC in 1996, Kari worked for several years as a staff nurse at Vanderbilt Medical Center, Nashville, Tenn., specializing in trauma, post-surgical and burn nursing.

Kari is frequently invited to speak and publish as a leader in the legal nurse consultant field on emerging medical-legal and insurance claims issues, such as data mining, bill audits, medical reviews, internal or external medical assistance, claims education and new ways to measure and improve outcomes.